Tournaments: Oklahoma State AAU Championship National Qualifiers: April 29, 2023

Date: April 29, 2023

Location: Del City Middle School Gym, 2300 Linda Ln, Del City, Oklahoma 73115

Schedule and Registration Information:

Invite Letter for Coaches and Referees

Print posters to share and post! Big Poster JPG PDF, Small poster jpg pdf

Schedule JPG PDF

Competitor Registration Form: printable; fillable

Coach Registration Form


You must be an AAU member.

Early Registration ends April 26 (otherwise costs more at the door, competitors and coaches).

Make checks payable to: Oklahoma State Taekwondo Association.

Fast and secure: email your registration to (It won’t get lost in the mail!–we had one letter come 2 weeks after the event once!).

Don’t want to send your credit card info? call in: (405) 793-0752.

Need to cancel? Just know that there is a $20 refund processing fee or your full application fee may be applied to your next tournament.

Each school gets one free coach pass for their main instructor/master.